New Leigh Art Trail Venue, New SEVEN Approach

Yep, Leigh Art Trail 2020 is on the way and changes are afoot. No, we haven’t forgotten about the fallout following year’s drastic measures, but a new venue does call for a slightly new approach.

Here’s what SEVEN have got in mind for LAT 2020:

  • Our new venue, The Refill Room, is Leigh-on-Sea’s first zero waste store – so we wanted to honour this ethical and eco friendly ethos with our books
  • Our 2020 theme is Reclamation – a powerful word which has a plethora of meanings. According to

Reclamation (n.) late 15c., “a revoking” (of a grant, etc.), from Old French réclamacion and directly from Latin reclamationem (nominative reclamatio) “a cry of ‘no,’ a shout of disapproval,” noun of action from past participle stem of reclamare “cry out against, protest” (see reclaim). From 1630s as “action of calling (someone) back” (from iniquity, etc.); meaning “action of claiming something taken awat” is from 1787. Of land from 1848.

  • We’re using altered books instead of ready-made sketchbooks or hand-making our own – phew!
  • Workshops have been reinstated – we’re each taking it in turns to share a creative process
  • Our goody bags are back – we loved the idea of using similar items across our books, it’s a great way to see how five people use the same materials very differently…


Watch this space to see how our 2020 altered books develop. The first step is to find just the right altered book to work in – it can be easier said than done. For tips on picking and creating your own altered book check out this earlier SEVEN blog post “The Library of Reclaimed Books – a collaborative project.”

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