Our art journals begin to take shape – sort of…

Mind map – planning stage

Wondering how you get started art journalling or making a creative sketchbook? This year, so were SEVEN. But by February our books are starting to take shape. The one thing they have in common? We all started differently.

Kim Loves Bookbinding

Kim, whose chosen artist is Robert Rauschenberg, has really taken to bookbinding – like a duck to water. So she chose to create her – ultra neat – book first, then work into it.

Jo’s Mini Mock-Up

Jo, who is also a graphic designer, mocked up a teeny tiny version of her book idea, before starting on the pages she planned to make into the full-size version.

Amanda’s Map Fold Technique

Amanda had fallen for the Turkish map fold, discovered in our book-making class with Chris Ruston of Art Book Art. So she has been playing with some special paper and soaking it in paint to get the effects on which to place her planned Matisse-inspired collages.

Helen’s Wardrobe Wonder

Helen’s Surrealist project would start with a wardrobe. And maybe a mermaid. So, she planned to make a wardrobe-style book which would open up to pages going forwards and backwards. Simple. No?

Juliet Returns to Concertina

Juliet’s pacific-inspired designs were starting to flow. Across. Pages. And so, once she got started Juliet had come to the conclusion that the good old concertina format would actually be perfect for her creative explorations.

Over To You…

Inspired to create your own creative journal? Then we’d suggest checking out some of the weird and wonderful book creations on Pinterest. SEVEN collective got quite addicted to scrolling the many Pinterest posts and boards dedicated to bookbinding, but we warn you, the interwebs can be a real rabbit hole. Our top tips:

  • Keep your first handmade art books or journals simple
  • Use online tutorials to get you started
  • Get your bookbinding hand in, then experiment…

Good luck!

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